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Let it be known to all that the Members of this Association have bestowed our Credential for Professionalism upon the following Members with the designation of Certified Kentucky Emergency Manager for meeting the requirements and standards of the program in the areas of experience, dedication to integrity, and training as well as contributions to the profession and field of emergency management in Kentucky.


Issued 2014

William E. Fletcher, CKEM

Mark E. Ihrig, CKEM

Norman J. Mansfield, CKEM

Dennis K. Sullivan, CKEM

April A. Tilford, CKEM

William Turner, CKEM

Issued 2016

Drew Chandler, CKEM
Emory Kidd, CKEM

Issued 2017

James R. Graham, CKEM
David McGill, CKEM

Issued 2018

Steven D. Arnold, CKEM
Johnny L. MIlls, CKEM
William R. Turner, CKEM*

Issued 2019

Vicky Connor, CKEM
Russell Crabtree, CKEM
William E. Fletcher, CKEM*
Mark E. Ihrig, CKEM*
April A. Tilford, CKEM*

Issued 2020

Gregory L. Buckler, CKEM
Seán P. Fay, CKEM

* Designates a renewal of a previously issued certification.